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Trendz Celebrity PartieZ

Saving  Lives & Taking Back Our Community 1 Party at a time!

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About the Trendz Celeb PartieZ

Trendz TV Network/Trendz Stop the Violence Foundation will be presenting a series of celebrity parties including a (Celebrity High School Graduation Party) exclusively for our Trendz Kidz and Teenz!!   In an attempt to encourage our youth to embrace non- violent behavior, self-sustainment and community activism Trendz Network is bringing in the Celebs.  

Qualifying youth will have the opportunity to attend, possibly perform, enjoy VIP status and even participate in  meet and greet networking events.  All they have to do is stay our of trouble and of course buy tickets! 

All Events will be heavily secured for Safety by Local Police and additional security companies.


1. Refrain form any violent behavior which includes any sort of bullying, keep your school records clean!

2.  Trendz TV Network/Trendz Stop the Violence Foundation is in the process of forming a proposal and partnership with local authorities  local school boards and a River Parish Parental Advisory Commitee to keep tabs on youth that are participating in violent behavior.


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