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Trendz TV Show Partners with Gripp Productions


Music is the motive for the partnership between Gripp Production and Trendz TV to produce the album "Soul Avenger" where artist from every genre across the country express their views about Violence and Self Awareness. Over 100,000 worth of music and studio time has been donated by Gripp Productions for this cause.  Each Video from this project will be featured on Trendz TV  (Direct TV channel 224) Beginning Fall 2012. Over 30 million viewers will have the opportunity to hear old school meet new school music with a message that will cross the generational gap.

Trendz Stop the Violence Foundation and Trendz TV Produce First Reality TV Show!

Scheduled for release Spring 2013 "IMChronic"  a documentary/reality tv series about co-owner of Trendz Media Group, Herbrena Gordon-Godfrey who is diagnosed with MS will address  the sensitive topic of what it's like to be in  an  industry that thrives on beauty  and perfection  while suffering from a chronic illness.  Visit for more information.  


Trendz TV to cover the SuperBowl Gospel Celebration

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